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Monday, March 31, 2014

I Knit, You Knit

I spent a good chunk of today hitting knitting and sewing shops around Paris. The first one was mostly sewing supplies, though they had some yarn and knitting books, too: L’EntrĂ©e des Fournisseurs
The shop is in the Marais area, tucked in a little courtyard off the street.

I found a beautiful Liberty print in a colorway I hadn't seen before, and the perfect buttons to go with it. 

I also picked up a "learn to crochet" book in French.

My next stop was BHV--one of the big department stores here. Wayne broke a glass in the apartment and I wanted to replace it. Since we couldn't find an exact match, I bought a pair of glasses that I hope Alexandre and Olivier approve of.  After I found and purchased the glasses, I headed up to check out the "mercerie". It was a small store-in-store, Frou Frou. It was pretty small and didn't have anything I really needed, so I went right next door to Phildar, another store-in-store. Here I found another skein of yarn that I bought in Lyon--a cotton-Myocell blend that is supposed to be antibacterial, and a Phildar magazine.
My next stop was at Les Halles, La Droguerie, but I needed a pit stop and some food, so I stopped in an Italian restaurant near St. Eustache and had a glass of wine and a caprese and arugula salad.

La Droguerie was a bit of a scene, and I had two women try to cut in front of me (the salespeople are hip to this and don't usually let it happen), and another two women who were hovering right behind the others complaining about having to wait, even though about 6 other people had been waiting longer. Oh well--there's always someone. I picked up some Linen/Cotton yarn for a scarf, then headed to my final destination: Chat'Laine.

This is a very small but well stocked shop. I asked if I could take photos, and she hesitantly agreed after I explained it was knitting friends and my blog. She only asked that I not photograph her many sample garments (which is too bad, because they were really nice).
She does not accept credit cards, so I had to run around the corner to get cash.
I found some cotton for washcloths and wool/wool blends for some fancy scarves.

I got back to the apartment after 5:30, picking Ibuprofen, a baguette and a chocolate/almond croissant on the way. Wayne had stayed home to rest and play guitar and was happy to see the ibuprofen and baguette.

For dinner we headed down the hill to our favorite local restaurant, Pomodoro. I had pizza and Wayne opted for the lasagna.

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