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Friday, March 14, 2014

Ciro who?

An old friend of Wayne's from Berkeley got hold of him yesterday via Facebook--he wanted to let him know that another friend of his plays at an Italian restaurant near the flat and suggested we go see him. Well, somehow Wayne thought that yesterday was Wednesday, not Thursday and we went somewhere else for dinner. Turns out we had walked by the place a few times already, but hadn't noticed it since it is in the basement--only a sign and a doorway where on the street. We walked over there this evening because we really wanted pizza and there were no other places (other than chains) that serve pizza in Knightsbridge (that we could find).
Ciro's Pomodoro, Knightsbridge
We took a quick look at the menu, and when I saw that they served Nero D'alvola, I was sold. We got there early which is good, since it turns out this is not only the longest operating restaurant on Beauchamp St, but also one of the hottest hidden spots. The restaurant is covered with photos of Ciro (cheer-o) with celebrities, and Ciro himself was sitting in a booth in the corner on this night. He waved to us when we walked in and later came over and introduced himself.
The food and wine was great, even the 'garlic bread' was excellent--strips of pizza dough brushed with olive oil and fresh garlic.

Cesar salad and pizza with ham, pepperoni, egg, olives and capers.

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