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Monday, March 31, 2014

Danke Shen!

Wayne and I spent Saturday morning/early afternoon shopping for gifts, then headed back to the apartment, did some grocery shopping, then back to the apartment to wait for our friends, Joerg, Megan and Sophia who were driving from Cologne Germany to spend some time with us.

After we got them settled in, we headed down the street to get pizza. It is amazing what great treatment kids get here. When we walked up, the owner indicated a group of people were getting ready to leave. After a few minutes he told they needed to go because he had this little girl to feed.
Megan and I split an eggplant pizza, Wayne got an anchovy and caper pizza, and Joerg got the lasagna Bolognese.

Saturday Wayne got up and hit the pastry shop for us: Apple, chocolate, almond croissants and a "snail".

Our first stop when we headed out was Bastille--Megan had read about the markets in Paris, and this one was in full force. Fresh fish, meat, sausages, Paella, Lebanese food, gorgeous vegetables, cheese, clothes, leather bags, and my favorite: a notions stand.

Fresh seafood

OMG, yarn! OMG, sewing stuff!
Art or food?

Sophie was so tickled to find a 4-leaf clover.
Next we made our way to Butte de Chaumont--my friend Momo suggested it for a picnic spot--Merci, Momo! We found a great boulangerie a few blocks from the park where we got sandwiches and some desserts.
It was the perfect spot to rest and get some quiet after the frenetic energy of the market.

The bakery near Butte de Chaumont

Latin Quarter
Wayne and Joerg

Our next stop was Notre Dame, on the island in the middle of the Seine river. We walked across the bridge to through the Latin Quarter, then to Jardin du Luxembourg.

Spring in Luxembourg Gardens

Pate (or 'patty' as they call it in the Chicago airport)
We headed back, hung out for awhile to enjoy the view, then made our way just a few blocks to "Petit Parisien" for dinner.
Joerg had been talking about pate (sorry about the lack of proper characters there), so I chose this place in part because they served that and foie gras.
I thought I had gotten a photo of Wayne's duck breast, but apparently not...

Roast Pork

Daurade for Megan.

The creme brulee was perfect

As was the chocolate mousse.
It was so nice to see these guys, and spend a day in a beautiful city with them.

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