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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'ello there!

Wayne and I made it to London earlier today. We took the British Airways direct flight from Austin to London. The incoming flight was late, so we departed late and arrived at 11am local time instead of 10am.
The plane was nice and new, and the double seats were nice (only 2 in our row)--lots of space between my seat and the fuselage to put stuff, but the seats were really narrow and the plane cold.
The flat in London is great--easy to get to (just a few blocks from Harrod's).
We walked around a bit after dropping off our bags--even spent some time in the Victoria & Albert, and we stumbled on a restaurant very close to the flat that serves fish & chips (apparently hard to find in this 'up-market' neighborhood.)

I took a selfie of me and Wayne on the tube, but we both looked horrible, so it has been deleted.
Saw George Clooney near the flat...

thought this was cool looking, then looked close at the photo

Some early indications of Spring

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