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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

J'adore le pizza

Today was another work day in Marseille for me and another 'do whatever he dang well pleased' day for Wayne. He did run a couple of errands for me--picked up some things at the store (paper towels and coffee) and stopped by Savonnerie Marseillaise de la Licorne--the makers of that wonderful soap sold all over Provence.

I headed to the office earlier today, and got a few more photos of the fish market near the metro on my way.
I don't know a lot about fish, but I'm pretty sure this stuff is fresh.

Wayne met me at the office for lunch--we found a Halal restaurant not far away--the whole sidewalk was outdoor seating for various places.
Falafel and Frites

Salade Nicoise

Beer, wine, toast and tapenade to start.
We wanted to try a particular restaurant for dinner the other night, but were too hungry to wait for it to open at 8pm (no early bird specials here!) Tonight we wandered around until it opened.
It was worth the wait, and we had our first taste of Corsican Ham.

The pizza (my half, anyway)

A view of the stairs in our HomeAway from home apartment building

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