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Monday, March 17, 2014

Marseille work day

Today was my first day in the Marseille office. I wasn't sure when everyone got in, so I worked for a couple of hours from the apartment (thank goodness for fast internet) until I saw people I know online. Wayne didn't sleep well last night, so I didn't either and was a little foggy in the brain, but was able to get done what was critical. Jordan, the development manager for France will be working all night on a software migration--I had expected to work with him, but he says I should get some sleep tonight so I'm not useless tomorrow as he will be.

On my way to the office, I passed by vendors selling fresh fish right outside the metro station. I'm guessing there were more, but it was pretty late when I headed to the office.

I had a nice lunch with Jordan and Christophe (another software tester) near the office:

Wayne met me at the office after work so we could walk back together. We stopped by a MonoPrix and got some cheese, chorizo, smoked salmon, fresh strawberries and a baguette for a simple dinner in. The food here is really good, but we're just not used to eating out so much.

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