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Thursday, March 13, 2014

and another thing….

after work, a glass of wine, a Cadbury cream egg and a shower, we headed out for dinner. I was looking for the Italian restaurant where I had a great dinner last year in Chelsea, Pelicano. It was boarded up with a sign that said it was operating out of another location, but we decided to eat at the place next store, Elistano.

We made small talk with an older gentleman who was waiting for a friend--he told us about the neighborhood and local restaurants (this one he's been coming to for 20+ years)

Later on the best line we overheard from his table was from his companion, a younger woman. "You have a chauffeur, I do not."

Our dinner was excellent, paired with a Montepulciano and followed by a complimentary Limoncello. We both got the 2 course set dinner with fried cheese wrapped in prosciutto with mustard greens and very tasty cherry tomatoes.
We also shared a fried calamari appetizer.
I had spaghetti carbonara and Wayne had spaghetti marinara with mussels.
It was delicious, but so filling we couldn't finish.

After dinner we walked quite a bit around Chelsea and Kensington before heading back to the flat. I took some photos on our walk:

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