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Friday, February 21, 2014

What a slacker!

I have been so bad about posting here--and about keeping on top of so many other things.

I blame the knitting.

I'm not sure I would have picked up sticks and strings if I knew how much of an obsession this would turn in to.

Here's the thing: I can sew just about anything. I can turn hideous color fabric into something beautiful by dyeing it. I can alter the crap out of clothes that don't fit or flatter. But sweaters alluded me. I longed for beautiful and unique sweaters made of natural fibers. (yes, I live in Texas, but I can dream or just turn up the AC.)
Now that I've made a couple of sweaters and many pairs of socks, I'm hooked. A co-worker who just started to sew described it well after making her first purse: "I made something for the first time. I took a pile of stuff and made something from it. It is so empowering."
I've had that with sewing for most of my life, but this is new to me, and I think that is the true allure. It is magical to me.

Anyway, I've had a few folks ask if/when I would update my blog (yes, you are one of them, Mom.)
As some of you know, Wayne and I are headed to Europe in a few weeks (yikes, I have some sewing to do!)

I plan to update this blog regularly for my friends who want to live vicariously. Please feel free to post questions/requests if you'd like me to check something out--not making any promises, but I'll consider it.

This time we are taking a direct flight on British Airways from Austin to London.
I wasn't planning on spending time in London, but since Wayne hasn't been before we decided to spend a few days before heading to the South of France.
I work for HomeAway which offers a program where employees can work in foreign offices and not take vacation(DeskAway). Yes, we pay all the travel expenses, but I keep on top of my work and we can eat dinner in Paris and I get to know my excellent co-workers in other countries.
Since I work for HomeAway, and don't especially like hotels and like to fantasize about living in places we visit, we are staying in vacation rentals for the entire trip.
It can be more expensive, but all the places where we are staying have:

  • full kitchens(breakfast can be crazy expensive and Wayne is completely non-functioning before a couple of cups of coffee and even in an amazing city, sometimes you want to eat in)
  • washing machines(this means we can take fewer clothes, travel lighter and leave some room in our luggage to bring back more swag)
  • wifi (let's face it, this is no longer a luxury but a necessity)
Aside from those features, vacation rentals tend to have more local character than hotel rooms since they are individually owned and operated.

More to come….