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Monday, October 21, 2013

Another great conference!

This year's ASDP conference was in Nashville, TN.
Everyone who went commented on how much 'cuddlier' this conference was, and new members said they felt very welcome and already a part of the crew.
It seems every year I get to spend a chunk of time with someone I already know, but get to them know them more. We share more stories, thoughts and philosophy, and every time I find that I like them people even more. Sometimes I get to know their work first, then get to know them personally. Sometimes it's the other way around, but it always ends up with me having even more affection and admiration for them.
I am a lucky, lucky girl.
Me and Kenneth King

Just a few photos from the weekend--I will add more as everything sinks in:

Kenneth King in his "weave coat"

Playing in June Colburn's wonderful Silk Screen class

Sarah Veblen's excellent Art of the Dart class