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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Most Awesome Bernina Ever

I never thought I'd make this move, but I may be able to blame it in part on the temporary insanity and general disorientation caused by being suddenly out of a job. Of course, that whole event is what made this possible in the end.
Short story: I got laid off (first time in over 20 years) but found a new job in less than 2 weeks, so my husband declared the severance pay I received as "found" money. I had already planned to attend a Bernina Pillow Party at my dealer's store, but really didn't think I'd be buying one any time soon. The marketing geniuses (I am not being snarky here--rare, I know) at Bernina host these workshops at dealers everywhere. They send brand new machines which participants get to use, and provide all materials. You spend about 3-1/2 hours being walked through a project where you do decorative, embroidery and quilting stitches. We even did buttonholes. It really is a brilliant idea--what better way to see you on a machine than letting you do a project on one?
So here's the real hook: Because these machines are now used, they are offered at a discount. They offer financing (I got 36 months no interest), and bonus accessories. In my case I got a jumbo hoop and a 30% one-day shopping spree. Since I bought the Limited Edition, I also got a USB stick and 1000 embroidery designs which don't come with the regular model.
So, finally, in true techy nerd tradition, I documented the unboxing. I love electronics, but nothing is better than sewing electronics.
The Bernina 830 comes in two big boxes. I'm not a wimp, but I could barely get the machine box up the 6 steps to my studio.  I think the machine must weigh over 40 pounds.

Here you can see the extension table, box of presser feet (9, including 2 "d" models for use with the dual feed) and collector's tin with thread(Bernina colors) and a Limited Edition USB stick.

Inside the tin and box of presser feet.
The boxes underneath contain all the manual, CD, accessories pamphlets, etc.

Underneath all the other goodies is the machine!
I was a little disappointed that this machine did not come with a case, but the cover is pretty serious--thick, padded and possibly even insulated. Meh, I'll be making my own cover anyway, and I used the 30% off to buy the Tutto case set.

...and the rest of the goodies from the main box: accessory "wardrobe", box-o-tools, BSR foot, etc.

And the embroidery unit goodies--3 hoops (the Jumbo Hoop is on order).

and finally, everything set up and ready to go:

Getting a little crowded on my machine work table:

I'll have more details on the machine and my favorite features (it's a long list!)

Happy Sewing,