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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Most Awesome Machine Ever

This is the most amazing machine I have ever touched. Everything about it makes things easier, faster and more accurate. I've sewn dozens of invisible zippers with my Elna, but the Bernina foot is so much better that it took me half the time to set a zipper.
I also tried a corded pintuck last night--it was magic! As per the manual, I ran the "cord" (in this case embroidery floss) through the bobbin case and into the small round hold in the sole plate. The floss was lined up perfectly and a beautiful pintuck emerged from behind the presser foot.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New BFF

I have sewn since I was 4, making clothes for my Barbie and Mrs. Sunshine by hand. By 12, I had a hand-me-down machine all my own, in my room. I've mostly made clothes, but have ventured into other areas: bags, laptop cases, sofa cushions.
I bought my first brand-new machine in 2000--an Elna 6005 Heirloom Edition--a good machine with lots of bells and whistles. But I've lusted after Berninas for years, and after attending a workshop at conference for a trade group (ASDP--Association of Sewing and Design Professionals), I knew my life would not be complete until I possessed one of these works of Swiss perfection. (Much like I still to this day know my childhood would only have been perfect if I had owned a Barbie van. Alas, my childhood was RV free and thus incomplete.)
About a week ago I purchased my first Bernina and first embroidery machine. It was love at first stitch.
This is where I prove my true sewing nerdiness in listing my favorite features:
9mm stitch width--YES!!
stainless steel arm (other than being more durable, I just like it because it looks cool)
computer! (wish it ran Mac instead of windows, but still cool)
automatic thread cutter and knee presser foot lift
insane number of pre-programmed stitches including 3 different styles of keyhole buttonholes Nirvana!
Yes, I am obsessed with this machine. I find myself giggling like a schoolgirl (though don't recall giggling all that much when I was a school girl) and singing "Secret Love" while my dearest new companion happily chugs away at an embroidery design.

I'll include some of my recent projects on the next post and bore you with my insane ranting over the perfect jeans and awesomely snarky embroidery designs.

The very first post!

I've decided to finally start a blog, because like most people, I have the completely unsubstantiated belief that I have something to say(write) that others may actually want to hear(read). I've always been a talker (just ask my family). Less than an hour after having my tonsils removed at 27, I was talking. Even my brother was stunned by my will to speak. Since blogs seem to be the talkaholic's modern medium, here I am.
I'll warn you right off the bat that I can be downright schizophrenic in my interests. Sewing is my primary passion, but I'm also a major Francophile, love to cook and bake, own two Pugs, a Lab, and 4 donkeys, and am a pretty major geek. Anything is fair game for posts, so visitor beware...