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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The very first post!

I've decided to finally start a blog, because like most people, I have the completely unsubstantiated belief that I have something to say(write) that others may actually want to hear(read). I've always been a talker (just ask my family). Less than an hour after having my tonsils removed at 27, I was talking. Even my brother was stunned by my will to speak. Since blogs seem to be the talkaholic's modern medium, here I am.
I'll warn you right off the bat that I can be downright schizophrenic in my interests. Sewing is my primary passion, but I'm also a major Francophile, love to cook and bake, own two Pugs, a Lab, and 4 donkeys, and am a pretty major geek. Anything is fair game for posts, so visitor beware...

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