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Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Whole New Place

Earlier this year, we decided to trade in the country life and move back to 'town'. For us, that meant Austin, TX. We rented a house, moved our stuff, and Wayne has been working hard to recover the damage done to the property and road by the massive rains and flooding so we can get the place on the market.

The move meant giving up our respective out-buildings and moving into the house proper. Since I am a huge hog of space, I got the master suite, conveniently located on the first floor which is all tile. This includes a large bathroom and walk-in closet, so my main work space should be far less cluttered (we will see how true this turns out to be. I am able to use a few pieces from the old studio, but for the most part I bought all new items from Ikea. My main work tables were built-in, so new stand-alone ones were needed for the machines, and I down-sized my cutting table a bit (about an inch and a half in width to 46" and down to about 6.5' in length from 8'.)

I made the table in two halves so they can be easily separated and moved when needed. (I foresee sewing/crafting get-togethers where these will need to be moved to the living room)
Each base is a 2 x 4 cube Kallax unit set horizontally with 3 pairs of casters.
Each top is a 78 3/4x23 5/8 " Linnmon table top. I attached them to the base using L-brackets at the front and back of the cabinets. The two tables are connected with 2 chest latches from Home Depot. (these will probably not hold up for long, but they are serving the purpose for now.)
I attached Spontan magnet boards to one end of the two bases for my button and bead storage (you can see these on the left end of cutting table in the photo)

This room is also my office space, so I got a smaller Linnmon table top and basic Adils legs for my desk.

The work tables for my machines are heavier duty, and at counter height. I either stand or sit on a drafting stool when I sew, so table height won't work for me. I opted for two 61 x 29 1/2" Gerton table tops and two adjustable Gerton legs each. The other end of each table top is set on a  2x3 cube Closetmaid Cubeicals unit. Two 3 x 3 sets are stacked to the left for more storage.

Finally, a free-standing Algot system for the various tools I use for cutting, marking, sewing, etc.
This unit is behind my sewing tables, so I didn't want anything below the tables. My set has 2 sections 21" apart and one 31" apart. The top shelves are 15" deep to hold my serger thread on racks, on the 2 smaller sections I have 2 sets of 7" deep shelves for presser feet cases and tins with hand-sewing supplies.
The wider section holds a peg board for smaller tools, rotary cutters, scissors, rulers and curves.
The island I bought at BigLots a few years ago still works great for my steam press. The cabinet holds pressing tools and stabilizer for embroidery.

As you can see, I've already got a few things in the works. After a couple of months of no studio, I am so happy to have my work space back, my office in the same room, and the whole thing in the house where the dogs can come and go as they like.

Happy Sewing!