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Monday, March 24, 2014

Paris Work Day

I guess I should catch up from last night first. We went downstairs to Chez Marie, a pretty classic little place. We got there a little after 7, and it filled up pretty quickly after that.

The entrees: Smoked Salmon for Wayne and Onion Soup for me

When we were about halfway through our main course, a couple sat down next to us. Both said "Bon Soir", so at first we thought they were French, but then they spoke to each other in German. The woman was eyeing Wayne's plate and finally asked what it was.  We ended up having a nice conversation with Monika and Stephan. Monika even asked about the apartment--thinking they want to stay here next time they visit. She also told us to contact them if we're ever in Frankfurt and they'll show us around.

Entrecote with fries

Salad Nicoise

Today I worked in the Paris office--it was so cool to arrive and already know most of the team (Even Laurent who I met last week in the London office)
As last time, Momo and Cedric made sure I'm settled.  Wayne met us for lunch--me, Cedric, Momo and Vincent. I forgot to take pics of our lunch (or the team), so Momo suggested we go back later in the week to the same place.

 After all the heavy meals (though lunch was a bit lighter), we decided to eat in tonight. I picked up some stuff on my way home and then we went down to the little market below the apartment for a few more things.
We walked around the top of the hill a bit first: to place du Tetre (this is the iconic square that is often filled with artist.

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