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Thursday, March 13, 2014

London Workday

I worked in the London office today after starting the day working from the flat. High speed WIFI is now officially on the "must-have" to rent list for apartments.

To catch up from last night, here's a pic of our half-eaten "cod and chips".
I like mine soaked in malt vinegar.

Leather jacket 
We decided when we started planning this trip that this would be our first meal in London. According to Malcolm (the gentleman who manages our flat), fish & chips are a bit "down market" for Knightsbridge, but found anyway, and only a few blocks from the flat.
 I don't remember what my ale was called, but Wayne's was "Hobgoblin".

I should have noted the shop name, but this caught my eye, and proved more interesting close up. It is leather/suede. The texture was achieved using leather lacing.
Our view.
Just to be clear: yes, we are staying in Knightsbridge, one of (or maybe THE) most expensive areas of London, but I got a deal (90GBP/night) and we are staying in a basement apartment. It is very nice and well equipped, but if you've watched "Upstairs, Downstairs", we are most definitely downstairs.
Tapas with the guys. (Thanks, Kumar!)
These guys are great! so good to see them again, even if only for a day. Manuela got back later than expected from Madrid, and I think Krishna was in a meeting.
From back left: Jon, Sarath, Me and Kumar
Most of the London QA team (and me)
Making my way back to the flat I experienced what I am calling the "London Crush""

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