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Monday, March 24, 2014

Too much Tapestry

Courtyard of Musee du Moyenne Age
Dang it! I thought I had posted this one--from Sunday.

  think Wayne has now officially overdosed on tapestries. This morning we visited the Museum of the Middle Ages (formerly known as the Cluny Museum). I visited there last year with Mario, but the main thing I wanted to see, the set of tapestries known as "The Lady and the Unicorn", was being restored. Today I got to see them in person. The only problem was I was not the only person who was excited to see them--it was almost as bad as trying to get close to the Mona Lisa in the Spring.
Cooking Fireplace
Fortunately, Wayne enjoyed the rest of the museum, so it was worth the visit for both of us.
Tapestry in Musee du Moyenne Age

Detail of one of the many tapestries

a well in the courtyard

A window displayed in the Museum of the middle ages

"My Only Desire" from the series "The Lady and the Unicorn"
A plaque commemorated children lost to Nazis in WWII
We stopped in a restaurant across the street from the museum and got a small bite to eat and some coffee.

The tablet in this painting mentions the many
people who have died for "liberty"
Keys to the Bastille
We then headed to the Marais to visit the Carnavalet Museum, the History of Paris museum. This was pretty boring to Wayne, but he doesn't have the fascination I have for France, Paris and their histories.
Shop Sign (maybe a tailor) in Musee Carnavalet
Another Juliette

It rained a bit while we were in the last museum, and then the sun came out for awhile. 

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