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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Montmartre marathon?
What do you say about Paris? I still love this city, but after Lyon, I've realized that Paris is the gorgeous, bitchy older sister and Lyon is the pretty, sweet, charming sister. She may not have as much to offer as Paris, but she is welcoming to everyone and won't snub you if you aren't dressed right or don't ask for your bottle of wine in exactly the right way.

That said, I always happy to spend time here, and really happy that we are staying in Alexandre and Olivier's apartment here in Montmartre. After settling in and walking around a bit (I had to at least walk in to Reine Tissus and a couple of the Merceries (notions shops), and we needed to pick up some groceries. The market from the movie 'Amelie' is only a couple of blocks away, but we stopped by a Carrefour market while we were walking around--much less expensive and far more choices.

Building near Sacre Coeur

By the time we headed back out for dinner (around 8pm), all the restaurants were either completely empty or complete full. It was cold, so the available outside tables were not an option. We settled on a place on rue Trois Freres that had a few tables filled and a few available.

We heard about 5 different languages spoken there, but we were the only ones speaking English.
When we got back from dinner I looked up the restaurant, which does not get the best reviews--one suggested that everything was store bought and unwrapped and heated up. That may be possible with the onion soup and Wayne's tuna salad, but I'm not so sure about my dish:
Fresh Trout
Onion Soup

Tuna Salad

Fresh Trout (a little later)

This was my first time navigating a whole fish, thought I was equipped with the correct tools.

La Poutre

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