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Friday, March 28, 2014

Kissing everyone

I love the custom of kissing in France, and I've done a lot of kissing since we arrived.
This was my last day in the Paris office (for this trip, at least), and I was really sad to go. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, they really made me real like part of the team here. Momo especially has taken great care of me (as he does with all visitors), making sure I had tea and lozenges when my throat was sore, that I had plenty of coffee pods, that Wayne and I eat far too much everyday for lunch. For this reason, I have given him a nickname: Père Poule--Father Hen.
I had an amazing pastry from the shop near the office--something between a cake and a croissant with almonds.
The Emile showed up with some pastries in honor of my last day in the the office. I'll have to find the name, but they're like unfilled cream puffs with chunks of sugar on top.

 Wednesday night Wayne said that maybe he wouldn't meet us for lunch the next day, but I told him the guys were taking us to a sushi restaurant since I had mentioned how much Wayne loves salmon. Of course, he joined us for lunch.

At the end of the day, I said my good-byes, kissed everyone and headed back to Montmartre.

We will see Momo and Cedric one more time, Friday night. Our friend Thomas, who we've known since he worked with me at Borland in 2001 will join us, and Cedric's girlfriend, Ludovine and their baby, Lea, if Lea cooperates.

I had some time to hang out with Wayne, then we headed to the area North of Sacre Coeur to meet Segolene, another person we've known for a very long time. She lives with her family near Bordeaux now, but came up to see us and spend the day fabric shopping with me tomorrow.
It was so great to see her after 11 years--she has two little girls now, and her own internet based business, but she hasn't changed at all.
She picked a great restaurant (thanks to her brother who lives in Paris): Le Preum's. The food was excellent--very fresh and with a great blend of spices.

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