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Friday, March 14, 2014

We will never be Royals...

..but we can see how they lived. Today we visited Hampton Court Palace about 40 minutes by tube and train from Knightsbridge.
I've had a pretty severe Tudor obsession for awhile now, so I was very interested in seeing this home to Henry VIII, among other famous and royal people.

Poor Wayne was tortured when one of the docents asked if I was interested in the tapestries, we then chatted for about 20 minutes the various tapestries, history, threads per inch and cartoons (the paintings that were used by weavers when working on a tapestry.
Ceiling of one of the arches between courts.
a cupboard in the pages' room 

The chocolate kitchen.

Not just a chocolate kitchen,
but also a chocolate room.

A 17th century copy of a Raphael
cartoon for the apostles tapestries

One of the fireplaces where they roasted meat
for the 600 people fed each day during Henry VIII's reign

The great hall

According to the docent,
these tapestries are approx. 50% gold and silver thread
(not colored, but the actual metals)

We visited Lower Marsh when we got back to London--a cute little shopping street near Waterloo Station. After having a ready-made sandwich and some crisps, we visited I Knit London, a nice yarn shop that gets rave reviews on Ravelry. There was one young woman working, happily knitting. They had some beautiful yarn, including "Knit or Dye" made from British wool and dyed by the owner of the shop. I bought two skeins because, well, I was there, and the yarn was there, and I know what to do with yarn. Oh heck, I wanted it, so I bought it.

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