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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Last Night in Lyon

We only had two days in Lyon, so last night was our last night in the beautiful city.
an altar, maybe?

After failing to find the silk weaver we were searching for in the afternoon(far too late in the day in any case), we rested for a bit then headed back to the old part of the city to find a place to eat. We walked around for quite awhile, but everything seemed too heavy. We did find a small shop that sells tapestries (picture Wayne rolling his eyes) and I had a nice conversation with the woman running the shop. She had 3 of the 'Lady and the Unicorn" series, so we chatted about that for awhile, we talked about the Fabric Museum and the silk weavers. She told me if I bring a business cart for my sewing business, I could get in to the high end weavers. She also told me that every year before Christmas there's a huge fair where all the Lyon weavers sell to the public.
The view from the 6th floor down to the
central courtyard in the building.

The view down the stairwell in our building--the rails were
cut away and reinstalled to allow for the elevator

Remnants of a roman building next to the cathedral

We walked around some more, didn't find any place, so we headed back to the apartment, hoping to find somewhere on the way.

We ended up eating right next door at Monte Santo. We were the only ones when we went in, though shortly after some young men showed up (we think the owners sons), and they all sat down for dinner. They took great care of us--after we order dessert the owner walked over with 2 shot glasses, put them in front of us,  plopped down a full bottle of Amaretto, then went back to hang out with his family.

This was the special of the day. VERY fresh chicken sauteed
in olive oil with lemon and Parmesan.

Smoked salmon with pasta and creme fraiche with cognac


This morning, we were waiting for our taxi--I had booked it online the day before. We were still upstairs and saw it pull up (10 minutes early!), so went downstairs while he circled the block. It was raining, so were staying close to the building. The owner of the restaurant opened the door while we were standing there, gave us a startled look (we hadn't told him we were staying in the same building), and then he said "Come in for a coffee!" Just then our taxi pulled up and we said our goodbyes.

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