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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Un jour avec l'equipe

It was cold and rainy today, but not this bad...
I had another work day with the French team today. I arrived a little earlier today and stopped to get a chausson au pomme at the bakery near the office. As soon as I walked in, Cedric handed me a coffee pod and said "this is necessary in the morning".
For lunch we went to a Thai restaurant Momo took me to last year. I took photos on my phone, but cannot figure how to transfer them, so I'll post them later.
Stalingrad Metro station

After dinner I still needed to do some work since this was a release day.
We headed to a restaurant a couple of blocks away at 8:00 --Pomodoro. It turned out to be really good. We started with a bottle of one of our favorite wines, Nero D'Avola. We shared a pizza with mozzarella, pepperoni and egg.
We sat right next to the kitchen, so we got to hear "Papa" speak Italian. I got some points when I said Grazie instead of Merci.

Pepperoni pizza with egg (Wayne LOVES this)

All the desserts were made in house, so we decided to try the Tiramisu. The first bite reminded us both of our dear friend, Gilberto LoCoco.
The tiramisu....
...about a minute later.

Pomodoro in Montmartre

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