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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Salut, Lyon

The door to the apartment opposite ours.
Today we arrived in Lyon by train. The cab ride was quick and Patrick was waiting for us. This apartment is palatial--a huge main room with sofa, dining table, desk, a separate bedroom and kitchen and a shower room and WC.
The building is very cool--a small central courtyard opens to the sky, and there is an elevator. (living the big life here) 

Lunch on the grass in Lyon

a very old window, maybe?
The best little tart in the world.

The area around the apartment is pretty touristic, but clean and safe. We found lunch at a boulangerie--a tuna sandwich and an apricot and pistachio tart--the best little pie we've ever tasted. We may just go back there for all our meals...

Funky old doorway in the old part of Lyon

We then made our way up the biggest hill, through the old part of Lyon and to the Cathedral. There was a really wonderful view from the hill, and the lots of cool buildings.

one of the many sets of stairs towards the hill

Wayne was tired after we got back and wanted to play his guitar, so I ventured out to find some notions stores(merceries) and knitting shops. The first one was really close by, but didn't have much for knitting. I then headed further south to the find the Phildar store, where I was able to replace most of what was in the kit I lost. I also stopped in Papa Pique et Mama Coud and found two bags for the knitting tools and some cute hair accessories for our little friend in Cologne. There was one more shop I wanted to find, but decided I should head back. I got a little turned around, thought I was going in the right direction, then didn't, turned down a side street and found a La Droguerie shop called La Marchande de Couleurs. I was able to get some circular needles and cotton yarn (so cool that they measure exactly what you want here).

Crazy-ass French Pug

By the time I got back to the apartment, it was time to eat, so we headed back out and found a cafe where we were the only ones eating (it was only 7:30). Wayne got a salmon platter that had 3 tartare, smoked and something else we can't remember, and I got a burger and home fries. There is no way to do these two dishes justice in words, so I'm just going to post photos:
some Cote du Rhone to start
(the Rhone is about 3 blocks away)

The plates

The Tarte Normande
This is the square for City Hall
(pretty sure that's it in the middle)


  1. Love reading about your adventures - sounds like you're both getting a nice balance of work and play! But are you doing anything else besides eating??? Enjoy!

  2. Haha! Yes, we doing things other than eating--today we visited the Fabric and Decorative Arts Museums and walked quite a bit and then, of course, we ate :)