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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Some observations so far...

The drivers in Knightsbridge, London despise all pedestrians.

According to Malcolm, our host, "You can't get anywhere by dithering about."

Marseille is gritty and a bit rough, but the fish and seafood make up for it. Oh, and watch where you walk. Always.

If you want to play your guitar on a train, do it in the baggage area. People will show up and pretend not to listen. Some people will talk to you, even if you tell them you don't speak French. The ticket agents won't shoo you away--they will demand that you continue to play.
And apparently Sir Richard Branson is working as a ticket agent on the TGV between Marseille and Lyon.

Tourists are idiots all over the world. Americans just talk the loudest.

Visiting a city as an American where most tourists are not English speaking makes you a little exotic.
Speaking a little of the local language makes you an ambassador.

The people of Lyon love their city and love sharing it with anyone who shows some interest. Next time we come here, I'm advised to bring proof that I am a sewing professional--this is how you get into the silk weavers workshops.

I think the funniest thing so far is that I had more trouble being understood in London than I do in France. I hope this speaks well of my French and not so poorly of my English...

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