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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One more day

Today was our last full day in Paris. We will be meeting Thomas for a dinner cruise on the Seine tonight, but assuming we get back to the apartment at all, it will be far too late to post.

We took out time getting up and out, and before we went anywhere, we head to "La Poste" to send 2 big boxes of dirty clothes home so we could pack the gifts and yarn (lots of it) in our bags.

A little snack before we brave the packs of French children

The last time Wayne and were in Paris together was January 2004. We had bought museum passes and spend most of our time hitting the smaller, less crowded one. (Though even the Louvre crowds are tolerable in January.) The one we like the best, Musee D'Arts et Metiers, is where we headed first. This is a favorite with many of my Paris co-workers, especially the ones with kids.
This museum is so cool--they have a mechanical area, a transportation area and a technology area--each one ordered by time, starting with "before 1750" to present day. They have cars, engines, astrolabes, cameras, sewing machines, printing presses, televisions, computers, the list goes on.

While we were still in this museum, Wayne wondered if there was a music museum--a quick search on my phone, and that was our next destination.

We have run out of time, so I will have to update later--off to dinner with Thomas.

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