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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Where has the time gone?

Tomorrow will be my last day in the London office, and Saturday I take the EuroStar to Paris.

I haven't only worked this week, though:

Tuesday after work Manuela and I went to Cine Lumiere to see Suite Francaise, and get some dinner afterwards. We were in South Kensington, so plenty of options for good food, and Manuela knew a place around the corner from the Tube, Muriel's Kitchen.
I had meat lasagna and she had something called "Tortilla".
Muriel's Kitchen

Wednesday we had a team lunch at an Italian spot right across from the office. Pasta Pomodoro and Sicilian Lemonade for me:

After work I headed back to the flat and then walked back to Chinatown to try a restaurant the owners of my flat recommended, Y Ming (should have done that in the first place).
This time the food was really good. I had the leftovers for dinner tonight.
Victorian details of the building

One of the small streets/passageways close to the flat
 Today I ran out at lunch to get ake-away from EAT, and the Farmers Market was set up. I got two small desserts to share, Pistachio cake and Chocolate Torte with Salted Caramel. They were as tasty as they look.

After work I dropped off my laptop at the flat and grabbed my knitting. I still wasn't decided if I would stay, but I definitely wanted to visit Loop near Angel tube station. They have great yarns, but when I headed upstairs to check out more, the group sitting around knitting and laughing were too enticing, so I took a seat. This was my very first knit night anywhere, and it was a blast. I left with yarn for two more pairs of socks and quite a few new rows on the pair I'm currently knitting.

Time to wrap things up and get some sleep.


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