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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Je suis arrivee! (I have arrived)

This is what first class on the EuroStar looks like
Of course, I'm missing some punctuation there, but you get the idea. I left from London St. Pancras. After I can through passport control and security, I head an announcement that you could upgrade for 39 GBP. Not a bargain, but since I still had about 70 GBP in my wallet, it seemed like a good idea. After we boarded the train, the attendants came by and told us to move wherever we like and get comfortable since there were lots of empty seats. I had a table for 4 to myself. Lunch was Tandoori Chicken and a chocolate torte with caramel sauce for dessert. For wine, I had Sauvignon Blanc (French, bien sur).  And you get ceramic dishes and real silverware. At least I can afford 1st class somewhere.

The view isn't bad, either
The only slightly bad experience was a loud American (of course) telling the attendant that he and his wife had lunch the previous day with Prince Charles. Ugh. Eye roll. Why do people think this is funny? Dude, you are a douche. Thanks for making that clear to everyone.

Alexandre met me as always, though I did not know he was running late because although we set up my phone for global calling (and it worked in London--I got a marketing call), I cannot make or receive calls. I am glaring at you, Verizon.  Anyway, this is the third time I've stayed in this fabulous apartment, and Alexandre joked that I should just make my own copy of the key. He also showed me photos of his new Schnauzer puppy, so of course I had to share photos of my baby. Nothing beats a new puppy, though. I imagine that fur baby will be as spoiled as any of ours.

My first outing was to the market since pretty much everything is closed tomorrow. I love going, but I can see how it can be unnerving for someone who doesn't speak French and doesn't understand things like if you don't bring your own bag, you have to buy one. And loose fruit must be weighed and a label printed out. (I only knew because I made the mistake last year when trying to buy some apples).

 I was trying to figure out why there were so many more tourists than the last 2 years and I realized it is for 2 reasons: 2 years ago I didn't spend a Saturday in the area. I arrived on a Saturday, and the following Saturday I was in Bordeaux with Thomas. Last year we were here in March, so far fewer tourists. Thank goodness the apartment is a little ways away from the tourist epicenter.
One of the first things I noticed is that a huge building is missing. In the photo to the right it is (or was) at the center

For my sewing friends, I thought you'd a kick out of one of the bags I used today for shopping. That's the bag from the Pattern Review Weekend in Austin. It was filled with all sorts of tasty things from Carrefour.

I should have some interesting photos tomorrow, though I have no idea what I'll be doing. I guess we'll both just have to wait to find out.
The only selfie I've taken on this trip.
Does using a timer even count?

Bon soir!

This is to torture Wayne (I know what you just called me)


  1. Oh how lovely. And I am so jealous right now! I miss my old apartment (room) in a foyer in the 6ieme. 24 Rue de Vaugirard, if memory serves... I'm not even sure if that address is correct - but it jumped out of my brain. What I wouldn't give for a crepe sarassin right now... hungry... I think I'll have some pizza (sigh... pout).

  2. I am jealous that you had the chance to live here. Will pretend while I am here. :)