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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just a few nice things

well outside the Cluny Museum
 We started Monday on the left bank at Musee du Moyen Age. (Medieval museum also know as the the Cluny) One of my favorites, especially now that the tapestries called The Lady and the Unicorn are here.

"My only desire"

From there we headed across the river to Notre Dame, stopping in at St. Severin on the way. The line to walk in to Notre Dame wasn't too bad, though the two Americans behind us really wanted us to know that they had been there before--kept talking about how beautiful it was at Christmas. yeah for you, peeps.

After Notre Dame we grabbed some lunch at a cafe. Croque Monsieur for me and "Le Club" for Mom. She finally got to try some frites.

Next we visited Concierge. Once a royal residence, later a prison. Marie Antoinette was probably the most famous prisoner.

Yeah, that's real and really fresh.

What better souvenir than a little sister for Gabby?

Our last quest for the day was some yarn for more. First we headed to La Droguerie, but she wanted a more traditional shop with pre-measured yarn, so we headed a little further to Cat'Laine.
On the way we came across filming--my guess is a commercial for BMW, "rue de Croissant" and one of the covered shopping passages.

Tuesday we headed to Versailles--I'll post on that later today since we need to get going to explore the Marais today.

Bon journée!

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