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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A beautiful SUNday

The weather was beautiful today in Paris. Even though I overslept (it is SOOO much quieter here than the London flat), I managed to do quite a bit.  I had intended to check out a flea market at the south end of Paris, but forgot how to get there, so I headed to Pere Lachaise cemetery. It really is an entire little town, complete with street signs and street cleaners. Since it was Sunday, I saw quite a few people tending to grave sites, cleaning stones and replacing flowers and plants. I didn't look for anyone famous--I was more interested in 'regular' people.

It was getting close to lunch time, so I decided to head towards the center of Paris. I got off at Chatelet and walked towards the Louvre. I spotted a bouquiniste selling old fashion magazines. I picked up one from 1923 and two from 1905, but I may hit him up again--so many cool things.
Quiche and white wine--the perfect lunch
Tarte Normande
Next I popped in to a couple of pet shops along the way, ending up at one of my favorite places in Paris: Jardin Tuileries.

I know everyone says to visit the Luxembourg, but I prefer this one where I had a really nice lunch.

Doesn't she seem to be saying "let's go!"?

The artist and the art
I met this cutie in a pet store near the Louvre.
I headed back the same way, and came across an artist--his work was taped to the wall along the Seine, and he was sitting on a bench finishing a painting. I liked that it wasn't a typical tourist scene with the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. I asked if I could buy that one and take a photo of him holding it. For some reason I keep switching my camera to black & white, but still a nice pic, I think.

Another friend I met near the apartment.
I got lots of kisses from this little girl

 I'm hoping the upstairs neighbors have left since by the sounds I heard yesterday, it is an angry French couple with at least 12 feral children. Thank goodness they all settled down by 11 last night.

The next few days will probably be pretty dull since I'll be in the office but Friday Mom arrives! I think she will fall in love with this city as quickly as I did, but we will see.

A bientôt!

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