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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Back in London!

I made it to London. Boy, do I love direct flights. Sure, they are usually more expensive and you're stuck on a plane for 10 hours or so. BUT you get on a plane in one place, have a snack, something to drink, maybe sleep a little and WHAM! you're in a totally different place. and usually your luggage is, too.  No eating nasty airport food while waiting for your connecting flight that *might* be delayed for any number of reasons.

I did not take any photos today, so you'll just have to visualize things.
Here are some of things I've encountered since leaving our house:

Waiting to depart in the Austin airport:
a couple married for 47 years who were headed on 40+ day all over Europe.
a little girl (8? years old) who acted like I was a superstar when I said I was professional seamstress. She just got a sewing machine for Christmas, and according to her mom, it is all she wants to do.

In London:
stumbled on the British Museum while wandering (I was able to drop off luggage , but the apartment was still being cleaned, so I had to keep myself busy) I LOVE this museum, esp when a docent at the one of the "hands on!" tables let me handle a tool, then told me it was made by the Neanderthal ancestors. Also love hearing all the kids getting excited about stuff in a museum. One little boy came up to the table while I was there and commented that the hieroglyphics on the fragment we were handler were much clearer than any of the objects upstairs. This, my friends, is where future archaeologists come from.
Had a great conversation with a guy from Atlanta, GA who works on TB control for the CDC while having a tea break.
Saw a boy getting fitted for his first kilt. (not just the kilt, but the whole deal--jacket, pouch) I will be going back to that shop--gorgeous knitted and woven wool sweaters and scarves--all made in Scotland.
Stopped at Soho Square for a rest. Started chatting with a lady who sat down next to me. Turns out her entire family were from Florence (another city I love). I should here my hand-knitted socks when she told me no one knits or sews anymore (I also showed her my silk jean jacket. She said, oh, I knew it was silk from the sheen.) We talked about how sad it is when people walk around London looking at their phones instead of up, at all the incredible buildings around them. She was there to meet a friend to play PingPong

So, first day in London almost done. The apartment is fine--clean, a little funky, but all I really need (though I would like to be able to get the tv on).
I've hit Sainsbury and picked up tea, muffins and digestives (and some fruit, of course)
Tomorrow I meet up with fellow fiber junkie Rachel Kurland to fondle, I mean study historic costumes at the Clothworkers' Centre.



  1. Fun! Be sure you two girls behave yourselves, wouldn't have to find a way to bail you out for getting too friendly with all the lovely gowns! Wish I were there with you - keep sharing so I can live vicariously through you!

  2. You know us too well, Janee. Wish you were here with us, too. I promise to take and post lots of photos.