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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's Getting to Be that Time of Year Again

Once again I'm fortunate to be going to Europe for work/vacation. I'll be on my own like the first time, but I am meeting friends in both cities, so I won't be alone or lonely.

I'm returning to two cities I really love: London and Paris. This time I'll stay in Covent Garden area in this flat:

Covent Garden Flat in London

I'll take a few vacation days before I head to the London office for a week.

Among the things I plan to do:

From London, I'll take the Eurostar to Paris. I'll stay in same apartment I've stayed the last 2 years. 

I love this place--it is on a quiet street, away from the crazy crowds of tourists, but close to 3 metro stations (not much of Paris isn't), and it has everything I need: a private deck to relax on and enjoy the view of Paris, a washing machine so I can pack light, wifi for, you know, everything, satellite tv so I can practice French with old US shows, and a phone so I can keep in touch with my hubby. I'll be here for just over 2 weeks. Mom will join me the second week for her very first trip to Paris (to France, to the Continent, for that matter).
With Mom, I plan to take the city 'par arrondissement'--neighborhood by neighborhood. The only things planned for sure are lunch at Le Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower (seemed better than standing in line for an elevator) and Chateau Versailles.

I really thought I had scaled back what I was packing, but my case is bulging (22"--and there are gifts in there) and my carry-on is pretty full (but my big travel coat/airplane blanket is in there).
By this time tomorrow (local time) I hope to have dropped off my belongings at the apartment and on my way for some fish & chips.

More to come...

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