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Friday, April 10, 2015

Here, There, Here again

I did quite a bit (maybe a little too much) running around today, and I didn't get to all the place I'd hope, but I had a good day, so no complaints.

I started off at the Tower of London. I'd resisted visiting since I heard is was a huge tourist trap, and I really hate tourists ;). But I am also not so slightly obsessed with the Tudor era--in my opinion, the original soap opera. So I am really glad I went. I did 2 things that made it more tolerable: I bought my ticket online and I arrived about 15 min before the gate opened.
Instead of posting photos of what everyone else posts, here's some stuff I thought was cool that might not be on websites or anyone else's SD card:

Front and back of one of the first doors I walked through. I love the little alcove that accommodates the letter box when the door is open.

Some really old lathe and plaster.

The entrance to a tower. You know, they call it "THE Tower of London", but there's actually more than one. I'm not sure how many--seems like about 30, after I walked up and down all those spiral stairs, but maybe not that many. You can Google it if you really want to know.

Looks like someone was doing a little DIY here...

It's not often you see hinges on wearable items:

found this on my way to the museum

After the Tower, I headed to St. Pauls, but decided I didn't want to pay the entrance fee. (maybe another day), so I went over to the Museum of London. It was fun to see all the little kids with their parents getting excited over history and stuff, but the group of French teenagers had a knack of blocking every walkway/entrance/stairway they got near. I stopped trying to be polite and just shoved my way through. Je suis desolee. (c'est pas vrai)

Knitted! items from 1500's (see below)

Sewing tools and samples of madder dye

This museum is pretty dang cool. It starts with Pre-historic, then on to Roman when the city was called "Londonium". Really, Honey, I wasn't kidding. I was really excited to see garments from many periods, and even a few from Medieval and tools and some dye samples (Deb!)

A few of the many garments:

I also visited Kensington Palace and the Victoria and Albert Museum which I will call from now on "Vickie & Al's" thanks to David for that, and the Fish & Chip rec near Holborn.
Running out of steam so that's it for tonight. More tomorrow!


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