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Thursday, April 23, 2015

et la vacance commence!

(and vacation begins!) Okay, not quite, I am working tomorrow morning, but then I'm heading to CDG airport to meet Mom for her very first visit to Paris. I sure hope she sleeps on the plane, because my dear friends from the Paris office have invited us to dinner at a Moroccan restaurant.
I explained earlier that I wouldn't have much to post while working, but I've also had an annoying virus with a wicked sore throat. I stayed home yesterday--watched American shows dubbed in French and knitted while drinking copious amounts of orange juice, water and tea tainted with honey and lemon. A nice 3 hour long nap helped, too.
I have to admit I was feeling a little sorry for myself, being sick while staying in Paris, but it really isn't that bad. The apartment is clean, quite and luxurious, especially compared to the place I stayed in London. And I could walk to the market and boulangerie to get fresh fruit, bread, dinner...
and to top it off I had two excellent friends here offering to bring me anything I needed.
So, hoping another good night's sleep I'll be prepared for Mom's arrival, and ready to share lots of great adventures.

Today, I've only got a couple of photos to share:
The horror of large groups of tourists. Really, I wish these groups would just stick to buses.

The beautiful, spicy pepperoni and artichoke pizza that was my lunch today.

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