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Saturday, April 11, 2015

I could show you, but....

Sadly, the first 2 places I visited this morning don't allow photography, but both were worth the visit, and conveniently just across a square from each other.
I hit the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. If you are at all squeamish, skip this one. If not, especially if you are interested in medical history, this is a great museum.
I know public bathrooms were built in the Victorian era--
maybe this is one?

Across Lincoln's Inn Fields Court is the Sir John Soane Museum. This place was close to being overwhelming, it was so full of interesting elements. Soane was a self-made success; an architect by trade and a collection. He left his home and entire collection to Britain with strict details on it being available to the public. Everything was clearly thought out, designed, planned and executed, apparently obsessively. The house is a work of art in itself, filled with ancient and contemporary art.

This was my view for lunch
I headed back towards the flat, picked up a salad at Pret a Manger (Ready to Eat), and found a bench in Soho Square.

Next up was a fabric shop in Kensington that claims to have the largest selection of Liberty cottons in London (maybe the globe). After wandering around the basement, I believe them. They had other beautiful fabrics, including mens' suiting, but I controlled myself and got two half meter pieces for handkerchiefs. Shaukat Fabric

From there I headed across the Thames to Vauxhall to deliver the 4 teapot covers I knitted for the The Tea House Theatre. Before I got to the shop, I stumbled on the "City Farm"--a sort of petting zoo. They have chickens, rabbits, duck, geese, guinea pigs, sheep, goats, horses and pigs.

This one seemed to like it when I scratched his ears,
but then lied down where I couldn't reach

SQUEEE! Baby wool-making machine

I made it to the Tea House Theatre and immediately loved it. The building was a Victorian pub built around the same time as the Vauxhall Pleasure Garden, and now it is a funky, cool hang out where people drink wonderful tea, walk around to choose their cake (they keep it in covered cake stands and put them whatever table is free), play games and knit.
It was really cool to see all the warmers already in use (like the one here)

On my way back to the flat, I stopped at a couple of markets for things like yogurt and juice, and found these. I've already eaten the ones on the right, which were fine. I'll have to work up some courage to try the others...



  1. I think the ladies in my family will love the Tea House Theatre.