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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's getting to be that time...

One bag is packed, the other mostly packed. I've got tickets, pounds and euros, the sewing machines are in for service.

I really enjoying planning for a trip, and love gadgets that make things easier. I try to get things that are really compact and help me cut down on what I need to bring along.
This time I found a great adapter made by SKROSS.
The sliders are the side are for all the different plug types, and they lock in place. The piece at the top lets you plug in 2 usb chargers, so I have fewer plugs that I need to bring.
The only drawback is this is not a converter, only an adapter, so I still need the clunky plugs for the Macbook.

Another cool thing: a rechargeable backup charger for iPod and mobile phone. I know, "a what?"
You charge this thing up and throw it in your bag. If your phone or iPod runs low on batteries while you're out and about, you plug it in to this to recharge it. It's a little bigger than a lipstick, and works with any small device that charges via USB cable. I found a hot pink one at Tuesday Morning for $29.

And my last cool travel gadget is a filter water bottle. I drink a lot of water, especially when I fly and I hate paying the insane prices at the airport as well as contributing to all the plastic bottles getting disposed of. I did some research and picked one of these up last night at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The bottle with one filter was $10. I figure 3 fill-ups at a water fountain at the airport and this sucker has paid for itself. Additional filters are 2 for $10 and they are good for the equivalent of 300 bottles of water.

I plan to post regularly while I'm 'abroad' (I LOVE saying that--makes me sound so sophisticated.)


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