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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dans ma Rue...

My apartment is on the left,
right above the windows with flowers.
That's a little grocery on the ground floor.
I woke up really early this morning, so I took my time heading to the office and took some photos in the neighborhood, on the way and near the office.

There are beautiful things everywhere: the brickwork, the railings, doors, windows.  
The market from the movie "Ameilie"

Heating and ventilation business--still in operation

A church right next to the metro Abesses

I noticed on the metro trains some of the graffiti is done by scratching the steel on the doors and panels instead of using paint. 
This one is in an elevator at Abesses metro station. (this station has a LOT of stairs, even for Paris)

Kumar made me a little nervous about the area around the office, but it is fine. It is not a tourist area, so you see far more "real" businesses. One of my favorite things in the morning is seeing the parents take their kids to school. A mother on a scooter flew by me on scooter --her daughter on the back wearing a "Hello Kitty" helmet.
A tailor near the office.
Bike lanes in Paris!
Quiche Lorraine

There are bike lanes in this neighborhood, and they are in the middle of the sidewalks. You really have to watch when you cross these, and it is easy to wander into them if you're not paying attention.

Today Jimy treated me, Momo and Cedric to lunch. We went to a traditional bistrot right next to the canal St Martin.

Steak au Poivre

Doors at the Louvre 

After work I headed out to find a bathing suit (Thomas said I need one for the weekend and I did not bring one) I was little annoyed, but it was a new experience, I found one I like and the salesgirl was really nice. Don't count on seeing any photos of that. I also found some nice little gifts to bring back.

On my way to BHV (department store), I stopped to watch and listen to a great jazz band in the station.
I left BHV and headed toward the museums--I thought I might pop in, but ended up just walking around taking more photos.
On my way to the museums, I had to stop again--this time for a 12-piece group playing classical music.
The last musical treat was in one of the passage ways near the Louvre. A single cello--my favorite--especially haunting, the way the sound echoed in the passage.

Back to the apartment, and a few more photos.

A sandwich shop in Montmartre

Tonight's dinner (no, I don't plan to eat all those cookies)

That's all for tonight! I am posting a fraction of the photos I'm taking. I plan to get them all together (maybe a slide show?) after I get back and recover from jetlag and reacquaint myself with my husband and dogs. So if this isn't enough for you, just wait!


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