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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pizza a Paris? Mais Oui!

So after the insane upside down heavy-on-the-sugar 'dinner' last night, I swore I would take it easy today--maybe a salad at a cafe or a simple sandwich from the boulangerie.
Pizza Calabrese
But then Cedric asked if I wanted to join him, Hussein and Vincent for pizza. How could I possibly say no? If you've never been to Paris, or have, but never had pizza, it is a fact that the best pizza is in Paris. I had read this before we ever visited and was unsure, but I have experienced it myself, and it really is good. Today was no exception.

I have arrived in heaven!

I left work a little early today since I wanted to hit the fabric district which is so nicely located a few blocks from the apartment. BIG mistake. I controlled myself, but it was not easy. Let me just say this is mecca for sewists and fabric whores (you know who you are).  There aren't just fabric stores here, but also stores dedicated to the little stuff: buttons, hooks, needles, ribbons, scissors, etc, etc.

There are 4 floors in Tissus Reine, though only 2 have clothing fabrics. Those floors have these really cool half scale mannekins in sassy poses dressed in really well made clothes. I will probably have to return since I was not able to get anyone's attention to cut some really nice eyelet. I did get a cool rayon/lycra knit in a mod print and some buttons to go with the Liberty lawn I bought last week.

Inside Tissus Reine (Fabric Queen)
I have a new plan that I conceived today. At Liberty in London I bought a book of sweater patterns. I also wanted to buy British yarn to knit it up, but 16 skeins just seemed like too much to carry, so I bought six, thinking I could make a scarf instead. I got all natural colors. Today I found a yarn shop in Paris, "Laine" (wool in French). No French wool, but I got some beautiful Alpaca (from Peru, I think) in similar natural colors. I just need to find 6 skeins in Germany and will have enough to make a sweater.

I'm hanging out on the terrace right now--such a beautiful day. I'll head to a place close by that Momo recommended. He said the fondue is really good. meh. I can diet when I get home.

Bonne soiree,


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