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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Enabling Friends, Take Away Thai and Saying So Long

I didn’t post Friday night since I was really tired after dodging children in the Natural Science Museum then spending time in the National Portrait Gallery.  I also made a first attempt at jamming all my stuff back into my suitcases. I’ve really tried to only take on as much as I’ve used/tossed/given away, but it is really hard with so many treats, books, fabric, etc, etc. I was really good today and only bought one piece of fabric.
Last night the wifi was so weak I couldn't do anything.

Friday was my last day in the London office, and I was really sad to leave. It was so nice to meet folks I’ve worked with for months, and I was happy to provide some help using my database skills.

Jon Woodhouse
Cannot understand most of what he says though
 he swears he is speaking English.
Excellent tester in any case.

Friday lunch from EAT.
Thanks for that tip, Claudina!
Stylish Manuela
Sarath and Kumar trying to look
 like they are working...

Friday dessert compliments of Manuela.

The team here is great, and incredibly accommodating to the US teams they work with. Most of the people on the testing team have hour + commutes on public transport, longer when there are issues on the lines.

Best hummus I've ever had.
Yesterday morning I met up with Rachel Kurland and her husband, David in front of the V&A to see the “Treasures of the Royal Courts” exhibit. This included really intricately engraved/jeweled jewelry, elaborate plate, portraits and tapestries. Sorry for the lack of photos--not allowed in this exhibit. After that exhibit, David went on his own for about an hour while Rachel and I visited the Fashion wing. It is so nice to look at historical costume with someone who has a similar background and interest. Not many people would stand looking at a single garment for 20 minutes trying to figure out how the fabric was woven and finished. In the book store and gift shop there were so many books I would love to have, but the thought of lugging them to 2 more countries helped me control my purchases.

I can't remember what this was called (and am too lazy
to look it up right now), but it was really delicious.
Spiced lamb, chunks of crispy pita, pomegranate seeds,
grilled onions and pomegranate seeds.
Next we headed to lunch near the South Kensington Station at a Lebanese restaurant. After some croissant and coffee at Paul and a stop at my flat for my coat (the day started out nice, but turned cold and rainy quickly. 

We decided to find a fabric store near Clapton Common and were not disappointed. It was a small local shop, but they had far more Liberty cotton than the Liberty store. Rachel talked me into one piece of woven striped cotton for napkins. I know I’ll think of her and London every time we use them.
Serious discussion on fabric with Rachel Kurland
Take-away Thai for dinner.
After the fabric shop, Rachel and David headed to find tickets for a show, and I headed back towards South Kensington.

 I stopped at a restaurant for Thai take-away and came back to flat for my final dinner in London. 

This is what I expected in London, and I got it.
Even in the rain, its a great city

I am so happy to have had the chance to visit London and spend some time with friends here. I hope I get a chance to come again, hopefully with Wayne Kimes who will enjoy London more than he thinks.

Today I head to Paris.

A bientot!

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