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Monday, April 15, 2013

Metro, Boulot, Dodo

I did a pretty typical thing this morning, though I had a much shorter commute than most of my co-workers. I took the metro to work with 100s of other Parisienne. I might have been a little nervous if I hadn't done it again, and Thomas hadn't told me which areas to avoid. The office is small, but nice in an area with very little for tourists (which is fine by me).
The photo above the sofa
I learned today that my French is much better than most Americans and not nearly good enough for work.  I don't want to make my parisian co-workers work in a second (or third) language which means I don't understand most of what they say unless they speak really slowly. The upside is that it is really easy to focus on work.

Momo (Mohammed) took me to lunch. Turns out he really likes Thai food, too, so we went to a place around the corner from the office. He also went with me to the pharmacy for a cream to help the pain in my knee. He plays soccer in a club, so he knows what works.


After work I came back through what I was hoping was the fabric district, but at least one big store is boarded up. I am hoping Reine des Tissus has not suffered the same fate.

I had dinner at a place not far from the apartment, but a little ways from Place de Tetre.

Not bad for a tourist area.

A demain!

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