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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Paris, so very nice to see you again!

Today I arrived in Paris via the Eurostar (the train that goes through the Chunnel). It was a smooth, easy journey. I was so happy to see Thomas Ung at Gare du Nord--with a sore knee and two overstuffed bags, I would have had a terrible time getting on/off the metro. He carried my bags up and down about a thousand steps, the last set just a couple of blocks from the apartment. Alexandre was waiting outside since today was the first nice day in Paris in awhile. The apartment is so beautiful--it is clear this is not just a business, but a loving endeavor. The layout is so thoughtful with the bath and toilet cleverly hidden but easily accessed. I got back from roaming with Thomas too late, but I will post photos as soon as possible.

WARNING: if you cannot tolerate photos of decadent food, stop reading now (I am talking to YOU, Leslie Lawson).  You have been warned.
Montmartre (Amelie's neighborhood for fans of that movie) was crazy packed with tourists, so we headed down the hill. There is palace at Place de Concorde that Thomas suggested we see, but the line was 2 hours wait. So headed towards La Madeline. I took him to see the beautiful toilets there, but they appear to be abandoned--so very sad.
We stopped in a patisserie for some chocolate goodness, coffee for me, tea for Thomas and some macarons to share. I chose the flavors: chocolate, raspberry, pistachio, and rose petal.

A light snack to hold us over until dinner.

The stairs in the apartment building.

Un tres bon ami--Thomas Ung

We ended up on what I will now refer to "Rue des creperies." This was a street that one creperie after another.

the view from my balcony, and this photo doesn't even do it justice.
I will be working in the office tomorrow, so not too much to tell about my exploits.

Bon Soir,


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