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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Walking-Challenged in Chelsea

I’m staying in this evening since my knee is really acting up. Not sure what I did to it other than walking more than I usually do. It’s good that I’m working otherwise I would be really frustrated. I’ve gotten familiar with Boots (pharmacy chain) buying ibuprofen and a knee brace today, and of course, another crunchy bar.
Since I’m in the flat I thought I should talk a little about it. It is in Chelsea Cloisters on Sloane Ave a few blocks from the South Kensington Station. I chose the location for a few reasons: safe neighborhood, good restaurants and close to the V&A. My flat faces the center of the building rather than the street, so it is very quiet. It is small by American standards, but has all I need (though if I make this trip again, I will try to get a flat with a clothes washer so I can travel even lighter).

The tiny but complete kitchen.
I couldn’t tell from the photos/description of the flat, but the kitchen is a separate room with a full cooker (stove and oven), microwave, euro-size fridge and electric kettle.

The bath is small, but has a nice size tub. The bath and kitchen are each about 8 x 6 feet.

The main room has a double bed, small built in cupboard (more on that later), fold out table, wall mount tv shelf and built in cabinets (around the bed). It is about 12 x 10. Not huge, but perfect for one and cozy for two. The kitchen has a small window, the main room has one the is and 2/3 the width of the room. Both are European style.


A few of the things I've picked up at the local stores.
There is a Sainsbury Local which is sort of a convenience store, but nicer than a 7-11. They have prepared meals, salad fixings, individual containers of sliced fruit and a decent wine and beer selection. The Waitrose on Kings Road is a little nicer and larger—about 6 blocks away.

The first time I used the water kettle, I thought, “Dang, that water boiled fast.” Then I remembered that everything is 220 here—so it should heat up faster. The other thing is the garbage. There’s this cupboard right inside the door—the top is used as a nightstand and the top interior has the fuse box for the unit. The bottom section is where you put your garbage. Someone comes by twice a day and takes it out through a door in the hallway. I noticed similar doors in some of the houses in the neighborhood.

I had a really nice lunch with Sarath and Kumar at an Indian restaurant near the office. It is too bad that you miss so much of a person’s sense of humor remotely. Kumar is a flat-out smartass (which I totally respect) and Sarath may be quiet, but he is REALLY observant.  I love hearing all the different accents in the office. I have to say our IT departments have made it really easy to travel from one office to another. One example: I didn’t have to do anything to connect to the corporate wifi since the login info is the same as Austin. Was very nice to power up and start working with no hassle.

I hope to take a long lunch and visit Westminster Abbey tomorrow (thanks for the tip, Claudina!), and dinner with Manuel and Christina (who is visiting from the Frankfurt office) after work here in Chelsea.

I've got 3 full days left here in the London. If there's anything you're curious about or want a picture of, let me know!


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