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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Un Soir a Paris

I apologize for not posting last night--this time I can blame on Thomas Ung. We met at Cour St. Emilion (12th arrondissement).
I arrived a little early, so I walked around a bit. My photos may appear a little dreary, but spring has arrived (en fin) to Paris.

Proof that Spring has arrived!

A light snack before dinner.

Typical Thomas had us walk about 5 miles to a patisserie for appetizers.We walked another mile, including about 2000 steps and sat on a bridge over the Seine to eat our decadent little cakes.

After our orgy of sugar and chocolate, we need to walk it off, so we wandered about for awhile longer, then to our destination--a basque restaurant in the 13th. The wait was 45 minutes, so guess what we did? Yep, we walked some more. I'm not complaining so much since I am probably consuming 5 x the calories I should. It is just so difficult to pass on all this amazing food.

Basque Salad

I know that Parisians eat late, but was still surprise at how many people were out eating dinner at 10.
The metros has plenty of people on them (though not packed like it is during commute hours), and Montmartre actually felt safer to me without all the tourists.
When I headed out to meet Thomas earlier it looked a concert was being set up, but it turns out they were filming a movie or tv show. They seemed to be in full swing when I returned at 11:30.

on the left: pastry filled with Nutella
on the right, Chassure du Pomme ("Apple Shoe")

Back to the morning, Momo brought pastries from his favorite patisserie (Merci a toi, Momo!)

Emilie invited me to lunch with a few folks from the team--Momo told them I like asian food, so we went to a Japanese restaurant. I tried to take photos of the team, but the light was too low, but here is my bento box. Trivia: potstickers (dumplings) are called ravioli here.

everywhere I go---stairs!

Tonight I plan to stay close the apartment and get to bed a little earlier, so I should be able to post later.

A ce soir,


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