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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brilliant British Fare

The view as I approach the Abbey.

Many thanks to Claudina Padovani for suggesting a visit to Westminster Abbey. With the encouragement of Kumar (EU Test Manager), I took a long, early lunch today to visit. The Abbey is only about 15 minutes’ walk from the office. I arrived just before it opened, and the queue moved quickly. I got some photos of the outside, but photos are not allowed inside. 

Just a couple block furthers you can see Big Ben just
to the left of the abbey.
The abbey

It is hard to describe this amazing complex. The oldest part was built in 960, it is full of famous people (passed, of course), and still used for major ceremonies including coronations, weddings and funerals. Since I couldn't take photos inside, I bought one of the books that shows the highlights.

Manuela had found a restaurant that specializes in seasonal British fare, so she, Kristin (visiting from Frankfurt) and I headed to Chelsea after work. Sadly none of my photos of the food turned out, but it was all very good. Manuela and I both had the Charter Pie, which is a pot filled with chicken, bacon, onions, mushrooms in a creamy sauce and topped with flaky pastry. Kristin got the leg of lamb, which she said was very good. For dessert Manuela had hot chocolate with orange and Kristin and I both had Sticky Toffee Pudding. I really wanted to try this and was not sorry. The cake soaked up the toffee sauce and almost melted. Served warm with vanilla ice cream, it was delicious.

A really cool building on the way
back to the office.
Tomorrow is my last day in the London office—cannot believe this week has gone by so fast, and pleasantly surprised at how much work I’ve gotten done. I’ll be giving training on DW and DB tomorrow. I hope to spend some time in museums after work since a few are open late on Friday nights.

With the end of my visit to London looming, I have to say I am terribly disappointed that I’ve not seen a single chimney sweep, matchstick girl or anyone selling flowers for toppins. London, you have really let me down.


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