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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More museums, boring...

...maybe to some people, but not me.

My first stop was Gladstone's Land, a house that spans 3 centuries starting in the 1500s.

Our guide in the 1700s room
The main room of Gladstone Land

Bedroom Ceiling


From there I headed toward the National Scottish Museum, passing the Elephant House, the cafe where JK Rowling wrote the first of the Harry Potter books.

The main atrium
Here are a few photos of what I saw in the National Scottish Museum:

Grooming set

Beautiful Lace
Jacket by Elsa Schiapparelli

Fortuny pleating

There is one gallery for fashion with a nice mix of historical and modern clothing. There are pieces from Worth, Schiapparelli, and Fortuny, among others.

After lunch, I head back towards the Museum and stopped to pay homage to Greyfriars' Bobby, then to the Surgeons Hall Museum. No photos were allowed, and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is squeamish. But if you like medical history and specimens, I highly recommend it.

From there, I headed further down to Edinburgh Fabrics. What a treat! A small shop, but a great selection, especially of Harris Tweed. They even have some color/weaves that are exclusive to them. I bought a 3 meter piece of blue/black herringbone.

I think I'll eat in tonight--a salad, some bread and cheese. I need to eat light once in awhile...

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