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Saturday, April 8, 2017

I have arrived!

This is what happened when I brought a
bag of chocolates and 'thank you' card
for the crew of our flight.
In Scotland. Edinburgh, to be precise. Until I got to this flat around 2:30 pm local time, I'd been homeless since I left Austin Thursday evening. I now have some idea how backpackers feel when they travel. It wasn't horrible since Europe had good services for travelers, but a little tiring since I couldn't get a nap.

I arrived in London Friday morning around 9:30 and took the Heathrow Express from the airport, then the Tube to Euston station to drop off my bag at left luggage. From there, I headed to Victoria to say hello to a couple of co-workers, drop off some Texas candy (so I didn't have to carry it to Scotland, Paris and back to London)

One of my happy places, courtyard of V&A
I managed to walk just over 8 miles, visit the Victoria & Albert Museum (Vicki & Al's to my friends David and Rachel) and the British Museum (starting in the wrong direct from the Russell Square tube station accounts for about 2-1/2 of those miles)

Beautiful locks(V&A)

Needle Lace (V&A)

Mosaic at the British Museum (Etruscan?)
As soon as I walked in to the British Museum, I joined a free talk/guided tour of the main hall and another (same guide) of mummies.

Gabby would approve

This morning I arrived in Edinburgh by train and walked around before the place got filled with tourists. I managed to visit Edinbugh Castle, the Tartan Weaving Mill (but it was Saturday, so I'll go back during the week to see the machines going) and lunch at the Witchery before collecting my bag and heading to the flat at Haymarket.
It turns out I like Haggis and clotted cream (not together, of course). Lesson reinforced: always try local specialities.
Princes Street Gardens

Scottish flag in the War Museum at Edinburgh Castle

Tartan Weaving Mill

Beets 3 ways, all fantastic
You probably know the name,
but this is WATER.
Haggis, Neeps and Tatties (Turnips & Potatoes)
Tart Tatin with Clotted Cream
My plan tomorrow is to visit a few museums and some knit shops, maybe find a cashmere sweater (another speciality of Scotland) and fish & chips.



  1. Lovely! I feel like I am in your pocket! I have never tried haggis, and plan to, thanks to this post!

    1. Thanks for travelling with me! It makes it more fun for me. :)

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  3. I'm so glad you got to the Witchery! Cool, huh? Best haggis in town, we were told.