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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A few more things

but my first task of the day was to ship off the gorgeous Harris Tweed herringbone fabric, cotton fabric, and some sweets.

I thought this sign was, well, a SIGN. 
The kitchen in Georgian House

The servants' room

I came back to the flat, had some breakfast then walked to the Georgian House nearby.
The stairwell
I ended up, by pure chance, to visit the various house museums in the correct chronological order: Real Mary King's Close, John Knox House, Gladstone Land, Georgian House. It not only showed the history of the city and how it evolved, but also how the lives of the people who lived here changed over the centuries.

I bought a few things at the gift shop at Georgian House, so walked back to the flat to drop them off.

The skylight over the stairwell.

unidentified lady

One of the mysteries I encountered was answered by a docent in this museum. While at the National Gallery, I notice one or two portraits of ladies in dress similar to Marie Antoinette, but with natural hair. What I learn at Georgian House is that both men and woman stopped wearing wigs around that time because of the high tax on wig powder.

Next I headed towards the bottom end of the Royal Mile (Canongate).
Have mentioned how nice the transport pass is? It's even valid for the express bus to the airport (which I'll be taking VERY early Friday morning)
Spinning wheel in the Georgian 

Stairs in the Peoples' Museum

I visited the People's Museum which covered the fight for better working and living conditions, the formation of labor unions, labor laws, public baths, wash houses and housing.

I had hoped to visit the Edinburgh Museum next, but it was closed. Depending on the weather, I may try to visit, but my other choices are in different directions.
Candy, obviously very important to the people of Edinburgh
The Tollbooth
Atrium of National Portrait Gallery

My next and last stop of the day was the National Portrait Gallery.
One of the things I love looking at in a portrait gallery is the say different artists depict texture, especially in cloth. Lace, gilt, satin, velvet. It's amazing how some artists can be so accurate that you are convince you would feel the fabric if you touched the painting.

I decided that I need to go a little lighter on food today, so lunch was a sandwich and salad in the Museum Cafe, and pizza from a place close to the flat that have great reviews online (and it was very good).

Pepperoni, mushroom and olives from "Dough Pizzaria"

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