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Friday, April 14, 2017

En Fin!

I am in Paris. I keep waiting for the day I arrive in Paris and I'm bored with her. This is my 7th visit and I only love her more each time. Yes, I know, I'm only a visitor and she's not nearly as charming if you actually have to live with her, but I'm still happy to visit.
I love Meerkats.

But first, let me tell you about my last day in Edinburgh. I gave myself a break from art and ancient buildings and visited the zoo and then the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The zoo was easy to get to, and has very nice grounds. It sits on a hill, so there's some good exercise walking up and down the paths. It was cold (more of the weather I expected), so most of the animals stayed inside. Also, because of a bird flu concern, the penguin parade is suspended.
It was still a nice visit, and I had as much fun watching and listening to the kids and their parents as I did the animals.

This beautiful mansion in the middle of the zoo

One fine looking primate, no?

Some marsupial just chillin'

Prayer Plant in one of the Glass Houses

Next I headed across the city to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Again, not the best day and a little early in the season, but it was nice to take a break from city streets, and the glasshouses were fantastic.

Ferns--this was my favorite Glass House
One of the ponds in the Royal Botanical Gardens

I ended up finishing some snacks I had in the flat and didn't go out for dinner. I needed to pack and clean up since my alarm was set for 3:15. I needed to catch the bus to the airport by 4:09 to catch my flight. I made it, and it was good I got there as early as I did since security took quite awhile.

The view down from the 4th floor (that's 5th floor in US)
The flight was uneventful except for the young man sitting in front of me who had a panic attack as soon as the plane took off. The Air France crew was quick to calm and soothe him.

I was debating whether to take the train into Paris or grab a taxi, but I decided a taxi would take too long to get all the way to the apartment, and I was traveling light enough I wasn't worried about carrying my bags up stairs.

I ended up sitting with a very nice couple from Dublin, Ireland. I made it to the flat with no problems, and up the 4! flights of stairs. The apartment is small but nice and even has a dishwasher. The view is fantastic, and I'm pretty sure the windows and hardware are original.

Spring has arrive in Paris.
I hung out for a bit, then ran to Carrefour for some groceries. I came back and waited for the manager to give him my rent and have him show me how to work the washer. Nice man, Thierry, who I discovered after booking this place, was the same person Wayne and I rented from back in 2004.
After he left, I wandered to the Left Bank to find a patisserie because, well, PARIS. (duh). I picked up a few things since I hadn't had a proper lunch and because I'm in Paris and that's what people do. Eat carbs.

My hood this time.

Since I only got about 4 hours sleep last night, I'm staying in tonight. I've got a fresh baguette, good butter and brie, so don't feel too bad for me.
My plan is to get up early, get a fresh croissant and cafe au lait, then hit a market. At some point, I want to visit Musee Cognacq Jay. It was closed last time I visited.
A light snack from the patisserie/boulangerie.

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