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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What will I do?

This question is always on my mind before I head off on a trip, but this one has been so different from past trips because it will be my first time traveling since becoming single again.

When I first starting planning, I was 'seeing' someone. I thought it was(or might be) a relationship, but apparently he didn't (there's a novel in there, I know it), so shortly after the New Year, I was single in every sense of the word for the first time since my 20's.

That change in status changed how I viewed this trip, since dating while abroad became a possiblity. A boyfriend from a VERY long time ago suggested I focus my dating efforts in France because (his words) "The English and Scottish are not lovers." So my packing list needed to include makeup(boy, do I need it) and date clothes.

Since then I've become "attached" again, and this time the guy is in agreement. (with half a century behind me, you'd think I'd have a little wisdom about these things, but it seems I don't). My packing list has shrunk again and I've seriously considering carry-on only baggage for this trip.

In any case, the main things I plan to do are always the same: visit museums and historic sites, do some fabric/yarn shopping, explore new places and meet up with friends.

Two weeks from tomorrow I head out, so there will be photos and stories soon.


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