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Thursday, March 23, 2017

In a fortnight...

..., two weeks, 14 days, whatever you call it, I'll be headed to London. I just paid the balance on the second apartment, the last I'll pay when I arrive. Tomorow I plan to pick up some pounds and euros, and I've already got my suitcase out so I can toss in things as I think of them. (Not the most organized method, but I do also have a packing list, and I've never forgotten to pack anything important.)

Here, again, are the apartments where I'll be staying on this trip:

In Edinburgh, Scotland, UK:
Georgian Aparment, Edinburgh
In Paris, France:
Quai aux Fleurs, Paris

In London:

Marylebone, London

My first night of sleep (I HOPE I sleep) will be on a sleeper train from London to Edinburgh.
I haven't made any definite plans for what I'll do while I'm in Edinburgh, but these are some of the things I'm considering:

Edinburgh Castle
The Real Mary King's Close
Surgeons' Hall Museums
National Museum of Scotland
Tartan Weaving Mill

There are many more places/things I'm interested in, but these are at the top along with trying the local fare (yes, I do intend to try haggis--when in Rome and all) and wandering around neighborhoods.



  1. SOOo much fun to live vicariously through your travels posts! Have a fabulous trip -

  2. Thanks Janee, I'm happy to provide this service. :)