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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Right Stuff

One of the hardest parts of making a Chanel-style jacket for me is finding the right trims. Sometimes you find the right texture, but the color is all wrong. Sometimes you find the perfect color, but the trim is too big, too small or just not the right style for the jacket. Thank goodness I know how to dye stuff.

I thought I had finally got the right color but after it dried it lightened up, so I don't know, may need one more dip in the dye bath...and now that I look at the photo I'm thinking that it isn't the right color at all. Sigh. I'm often torn between "get on with it" and "get it right". Considering the cost of the fabric and the amount of time I've already invested, I think I'll go for the it's back to the dye bath for sure...
The dyed trim--still not quite right
Possible trim combo
I have been playing with combinations of trims--the photo to the right is my front-runner. It's a little hard to see, but there is self-fringe on the bottom of the stack.
I really like the texture if the linen-y trim, but now thinking the color is too light, so that might go back in the dye bath, too.

Maybe I should just go back to the Aran sweater that I've frogged 3 times. Or I could clean the house. Nah.


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