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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guess Where I'm Going! ('cause I don't know)

One of the people I'm looking forward to seeing on my trip in April is Thomas Ung.
I met Thomas in the early 2000's when he worked for me as an intern at Borland Software.
Wayne and I stayed with Thomas and his family on our first visit to Paris, and I think that is one of the reasons we immediately fell in love with the city. We were never really tourists there--always with a local showing us "his" Paris.
I haven't seen Thomas since our last visit in 2004, so when he asked to "have me for the weekend" (nothing illicit here, just his wording), I really couldn't say no.
Since he insists on this adventure being a surprise, below is all he's told me. I thought it might be fun to have readers guess what they think I'll be doing.

From Thomas:

It is going to be very nice !

3 famous places to see, eat and drink !

1 hour to go for the first place; the second place is a 2 hours driving and the 3rd place is 30min driving

=> so a minimum of transit time

The first place is related to Versailles but it is far away from Versailles !

The second place is about the nature and taste.

The third place is a french city with one of the greatest architecture, even more charming than Paris !

=> a maximum of wonder !

We leave Paris Saturday morning and come back monday morning.

A bientot !

I have some ideas, but want to hear what you think.


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